What do we do?

Automatically create & optimize ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram

Janby leverages machine learning to automatically run your campaigns across multiple ad networks like Google Search, Google Display, Facebook Ads & Instagram ads. Janby creates state-of-the-art campaigns in no time, with minimal inputs: your website or your store information is all you need to start advertising with Janby.

Achieve your business objectives with Janby

Janby translates your business objectives into fully optimized digital marketing campaigns. Want to drive more traffic to your website? More phone calls to your business? More leads? All you need to do is share your objectives with Janby and our AI will do the rest. Unsure about which keywords to target, which audiences to use? Janby leverages AI to select profitable keywords and the right audiences for your advertisements

An easy-to-use insightful central dashboard to review your performance

At Janby, Data is at the heart of everything we do and we have created an insightful dashboard where we centralize all of your results. No need to juggle between Google and Facebook dashboards, or waste time on excel reports: all of your data & insights are available at your fingertips.

How much?

Our pricing model is completely transparent: you are charged for your media budget which is invested across ad channels: Google and Facebook, as well as a flat service fee of 20% to maintain our AI algorithm.

You are in total control of your budget and you can start advertising from $12 per day. No long term commitment, no hidden fees. You can use our estimator below to calculate your budgets.

Service fee

How does it work?

  • 1

    Sign up

    We only need a few details before you can try Janby.

  • 2

    Create your campaigns

    Save time by filling in minimal inputs to launch full ad campaigns from A to Z.

  • 3

    Start receiving results

    Sit and watch our AI algorithms deliver the best ROI for your business goals

Why is Janby better than your traditional agency?

Fully Transparent

Janby is 100% transparent, you know exactly where your budget is invested, and it’s invested to generate business outcomes. A lot of agencies are running an opaque and non-transparent business model which covers what happens with the money spent on ads.

Janby has been created to fight that and put SMB owners and advertisers back in the driving seat.

Tech driven

Janby uses the latest technologies available to enable small advertisers to have access to the same level of sophistication enterprise customers have access to.

Your campaigns are managed by an AI which means we are able to deliver results at a fraction of the cost since we do not have people behind a screen managing your campaigns and the cost associated with workforce.

No retainer or budget requirements

Have you ever felt stuck in a long term contract? A hefty retainer charged by your service provider? We charge a transparent fee that is used to maintain and develop our AI and we do not charge fixed monthly fees or retainers.

You can start advertising from $12 per day. Plus, you can pause or adjust your spend anytime, you are in total control of your budgets.

24/7 Management & Support

Our AI algorithms never stop managing and optimizing your campaigns. Janby continuously optimizes your campaigns 24/7 since there is minimum human involvement.

Need to speak to a human? No problem at all, you can reach directly on our live chat.

Who are we?

Janby is made by ex-Google & ex-agency experts who have +15 years of experience in the ads industry.

Our mission is to help small and medium businesses grow their business online by providing all marketing services that small businesses and startups need but currently do not have access to because of the high minimum budget that marketing agencies require.

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